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Roku has become one of the most used connected-TV devices beating Apple TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast. Unlike other brands in the market, you do not encounter problems like not being able to watch your Amazon videos simply because there’s been a fight between Apple and Amazon. Roku is a brand that pioneered streaming for the TV and facilitates enhanced and smart technology that helps you get the most of your TV experience and get Roku support from experts anytime. However, being a technology driven device, users still often find issues while activating it. This is where Activation Device Company comes to rescue. We, at Activation Device, offer Roku tech support for issues related to Roku activation or Roku error 001 and help people enjoy the best TV experience possible.

Backed by a team of Roku professionals who know Roku inside out, we can not only help you get started with the device but also provide Roku com support if you encounter any issue during the activation process. Call our Roku Customer Service Phone Number to get instant help from our experts and resolve your Roku technical glitches.

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Roku Customer Support services from Activation Device offer remote, onsite, reactive and proactive IT Roku help & support. With our services, you can quickly connect your Roku device with your TV and enjoy videos you’ve been waiting to watch. We also help you save time and money by calling on our Roku Tv Telephone Number that you otherwise would have consumed to get your device connected with your TV.

Roku streaming devices are built to run the latest version of software and it would check to see if there is a new software update available for download during initial setup. Here is Roku contact phone number that can be used anytime of the day to get help for your Roku device. During this update you may encounter update issue or connectivity issue; you can call on Roku customer support service number or contact us on our Roku customer care number to get instant help with the initial setup and update of the software.

We provide Roku technical support for common issues related to Roku activation including, but are not limited to the following:

  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Roku is unable to connect with WiFi.
  • Unable to sign-in.
  • Unable to get Roku activation Link
  • Roku HDX low or no connectivity with internet or Roku error 003.
  • Unable to register Roku device.
  • Roku fail to receive a converted file
  • Roku device keeps rebooting itself
  • Issues related to Roku setup
  • Screen frozen
  • Roku keeps buffering
  • Roku failed to connect to Roku software update or Roku error 011
  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Unable to operate Roku Menu options
  • Roku keeps disconnecting from Internet/WiFi or Roku error 009.
  • Netflix issues
  • Roku device is not charging
  • Roku browser processing is slow.
  • Roku YouTube app isn't working
  • Roku fail to turn on
  • Roku software upgrades not working or Roku error 006.
  • Unable to subscribe to Roku Channels.
  • Call on Roku Technical Support Number if getting Roku error 014.

Call on our TV Activation Support Phone Number to get a human on the phone to talk about your Roku technical issues and get instant solutions.

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Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick not only makes your TV smart but also makes your room smart with wireless streaming. If you are having some guests over or planning a garden movie night, Roku Steaming Stick is all you need to be a great host of the evening. This device comes with an advanced wireless receiver that renders a powerful signal and 4X the range for better streaming. Roku Streaming Stick is a bit costlier than Roku Express device but has so much more to offer including streaming in HDR, 4K and HD along with highest color quality.

Roku Express

Roku Express is a cost-effective method to start streaming immediately. It comes with a simple step-by-step setup which makes it an ideal device for beginners, but is substantial enough for seasoned pros. Whether you are tech-naïve or tech-savvy, Roku Express lets you enjoy smooth HD videos with a player that’s extremely simple to setup and use. This low cost Roku Express device comes with a high speed HDMI cable with no monthly equipment fee. Moreover, you get access to hundreds of free channels without paying a single extra penny. An easy to use remote is also included in the package and offers the convenience of watching your favorite movies, shows and channels.



We follow a simple process and methodology when it comes to providing our Roku technical support services. Here is our process.

Get in touch

We offer toll free customer support numbers to all our clients to make it easier to reach out to us whenever you need help.

Experienced professional on the call

Once you reach out to us, your call is directly connected with a highly-experienced and proficient Roku technician who will stay on the call with you until you are fully satisfied with our service.

Quality Assurance

After the query is answered, the call is being transferred to the quality assurance executive who ensures that your problem has been resolved in a timely manner.


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Sam Nelson

Activation Device Company is definitely one of the best companies that can help resolve any technical issues related to Roku devices. I am 100% satisfied with the technical solution provided and would definitely recommend their services.

Peter Narciso

I have had the best experience with Activation Device Company. Without wasting a minute they understood my problem and offered the solution I needed quickly. For me, trust is the foremost factor when it comes to choosing somebody to help me, and in this case, I am glad to say I could trust Activation Device completely.

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